About Me

Hello, I’m Norm Quantz. My Professional career has been as a counseling therapist, educator, and onsite Trauma debriefer. As for my family life experience, I am married to the love of my life, Neva. We both enjoy spending time with our two girls and their families as well as our family of friends.

I started my professional counseling therapist practice in 1982. About 2003, I added in my onsite trauma counseling practice. Around 2005 I added online video counseling to my practice allowing me to offer therapy internationally. In 2010 I published my first book “It’s All About Power and Control – Why Relationship Fall Apart and What it Takes to Put Them Back Together Again” .

I’ve been a Master’s level adjunct professor and Neva and I have taught courses and seminars on counseling related issues. Our teaching perspective has emphasized how to make relationships whole, going beyond coping to a healthy conquering of the issues.

As a therapist, educator, and relationship expert I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them conquer the struggles and traumas in their lives. In my way of thinking, I pursued to work my way out of a job with my client as they gained control back into their lives. Not only would we work on their immediate issues, I would simultaneously help them reconstruct their beliefs and thought processes to better face the challenges they would face in their future.

After 31 years, in the fall of 2013 I retired from my private counseling therapist practice. It was built primarily by word of mouth. I have always believed that if I did a good job as a counselor my clients would tell somebody else who would tell others, etc. It worked. They did. The online therapy enabled clients to refer their friends and relatives from a long way away and with that was able to help family groups more effectively.

Knowing yourself and what makes you tick is an important component of becoming healthy. The following statement summarizes what makes me tick, my life passion as it were, which I refer to as My Life Passion DNA Declaration:

I am a compassionate, persistent truth seeker, who finds contentment in the deep substantial changes that are possible through the persistent pursuit of wholeness as I impact my world for good.

Borrowing from the cognitive-behavioral therapy model and others, I pursued an emphasis on discovering the primary causes (I refer to my therapy as Causal Therapy) that produce the dysfunctional personal and relationship symptoms in a person. I approached changes for clients from the belief that personalities are primarily the result of developmental influences with genetics playing less of a role than most people believe. Causal therapy sets out to reorient a person’s developmental track often resulting in significant personality improvements. This is often referred to by clients as a renewal, rejuvenating their energy and allowing them to live their lives full and free – to be what they wanted to be.

I have a deep interest in the causal factors that produce mental illnesses, relational conflicts, and mental health issues. This includes, among others, the biggies of depression, marriage breakdown, abuse, and anxiety problems.

Educationally with therapists and therapeutically with clients, I have tried to help them view troubles through the lens of power and control dynamics. The pathological or dysfunctional power and control issues that acutely surface in people’s relationships can be repaired. Watching this transformation in my students and clients has been an exciting part of my life journey and I cherish the memories they bring. The results, in many lives, have been phenomenal. Much credit goes to the determination of these people to do what it takes to make their life successful. It’s been my privilege to be a part of their journey.

My retirement from private practice counseling doesn’t mean I’ll be doing nothing. My DNA is not bent that way. But it does mean, with some golfing mixed in, a less hectic pace and more time spent relaxing, reading, writing and teaching.

Please feel free to interact on my blog.  I welcome feedback, questions and comments and look forward to meeting you here.

With You in Mind,
Norm L. Quantz