Mini Seminars

Day of Recovery Series


Living After Loving: Divorce Recovery
Many don’t understand the lingering loving feelings that remain after separation and divorce. Why is that still happening to me? “How does this make any sense?” “Sometimes it makes me feel like I am two people”. Norm helps sort out what living and loving are all about in order that recovery is possible after a marital breakdown. Are you ready for help?


Living Beyond the Pain: Sexual Abuse Recovery
Recovery from any kind of sexual abuse is dependent upon 7 keys that can unlock the recovery door. From 30 plus years of working with sexual abuse victims, Norm pulls together the seven main components used by those who recovered well. Those who have been and those who help the sexually abused are invited to attend. Do you know what is blocking your progress?


Living With a Hole in My Heart: Grief Recovery
When the loss you experience leaves a hole in your heart, how can you recover from that? Truly living after losing a loved one is possible if you are willing to grow personally. What would your loved one want for you? Learn how to take that answer and make the best of this devastating experience. You can move on. Are you willing to face what is true about you?