Its All About Power and Control

It’s All About Power and Control:

Why Relationships Fall apart and What It Takes to Put Them Back Together Again


Author: Norman L Quantz, MA

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How’s your marriage doing? Is it everything you hoped for? Could it be a little better? A lot better? If you’re a therapist or other helping professional, are you seeing couples whose relationships could use some helpful support material? Sometimes the most important reason why a relationship is failing is the thing that’s most overlooked. In a word…power.

Couples struggle because they don’t recognize the importance of the issues of power and control in their relationships. Get those issues right…and you’ve got the potential for a warm, loving, supportive relationship. Get them wrong and disaster awaits. In his groundbreaking new book, It’s All About Power And Control: Why Relationships Fall Apart And What It Takes To Put Them Back Together Again, renowned therapist and relationship authority Norman L. Quantz shows how to recognize healthy and unhealthy power dynamics in a relationship. We’re “hard-wired for relationships,” Quantz writes. Yet too often, one member of a relationship will abuse their of power in a relationship, seeking to control, dominate, abuse, and even terrorize the other.

Usually men are the culprits…but not always. Both men and women use the tactics of what Quantz calls “manipulative withholding, deception, and crisis-risk strategies” to get their way. They may accomplish their short-term goals…but at a cost of the happiness and even the mental and physical health of the partner. And such relationships are doomed to misery, and failure. Worse still, marriages become breeding grounds for abuse—emotional and even physical violations of the dignity of the partner. All too often, this abuse crosses the line into the realm of criminal behavior.

The good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s All About Power And Control shows how couples develop deep, fulfilling, and close relationships. Quantz shows the reader how to recognize abuse, and just as important, how to change the dynamic in the relationship so that abuse, misery, and loneliness are no longer parts of the equation.

It’s All About Power And Control provides the ground rules for building amazing, healthy, happy relationships. This vital, life-changing information will set you free from the fog of a failing relationship. It will awaken couples to a better way of life and help them answer their deep longings to love and be loved. It will help the man in your life understand and positively respond to the desire that all women have…summed up in these words: “I want a real relationship.” Welcome to the journey. Your life…and your relationship…are about to change for good!

In It’s All About Power And Control, you’ll learn…

  • How to recognize abuse patterns in a relationship
  • How to cope with manipulative or dominating people
  • How to understand the foundational issues of why relationships are broken and fail to flourish
  • Real statistics that reveal the breadth of the epidemic of abuse in our society
  • How abuse patterns affect children in the home
  • The actual dynamics of the abusive power and control cycle
  • How to identify the controller and the victim in an abusive relationship—the answers may surprise you!
  • Strategies and tactics of the psychological abuser
  • Why there’s nothing nice about the “Nice Husband – Anxious Wife” Syndrome
  • The hidden—and deeply damaging—causes of abuse
  • How marriages typically fall apart…and how to keep yours together
  • Why change is so difficult for controllers and their victims…and how to create essential change in your relationship
  • How to find your own healthy sources of power and control in your relationship
  • How to take charge of your own life
  • How to shift your mindset from coping with serious relationship problems to conquering them
  • How to have a healthy approach to power and control in your marriage or relationship


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Norman L. Quantz, M.A., has helped thousands of couples find harmony and happiness through his therapy practice, his speaking engagements, and his writings. Now he makes his pioneering work available to everyone in It’s All About Power and Control.

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One Response to “Its All About Power and Control”

  1. Karen Bayley, Spiritual Care and Counseling MAR MA says:

    I am a counselor and deal extensively with clients where issues of abusive power and control are destroying relationships. I have found the book particularly effective in therapy , as clients are assigned to read a portion weekly, identify areas where they see their behavior, and then we discuss it in the sessions. It is a wonderful tool to crack the denial of both the abuser and the abused. I would highly recommend it as a tool for professionals working in this area of therapeutic intervention with couples, but it is also very readable for interested individuals who want to better understand how power and
    control used abusively is so very destructive.

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