It’s All About Power and Control

Why Relationships Fall Apart and What
It Takes to Put Them Back Together Again

Author: Norman L Quantz, MA

Downloadable E-book copy of "It's All About Power and Control"How’s Your Marriage?

Sometimes marriage comes down to three little words and they aren’t “I Love You.”
The real three little words: Who’s the Boss?

Who’s got the power and control in your relationship? Power and control when shared fairly, create a great relationship. When they’re abused , it’s a recipe for misery, divorce and even violence.   more…

Are You In Crisis Out of Control?




Slavery Is Alive and We are Not Well

How to Recognize and Escape Inter-Personal Control

Authors: Ethel F. Quiring and Hugh W. Savage

The control process is deceptive. People become victims of control because they are confused about truth. Using illustrations from their own life experiences with clients and others, Ethel Quiring and Hugh Savage provide the truth about controllers in a way that is clear and comphrendible by both victims and those who support them.  More…

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