Who Do You Trust?

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Consider who you trust. When trust is low, suspicion will grow.

Controllers abuse by lowering your trust in others and suggesting doubts in your mind. Then your suspicion grows and you lose more trust in others while depending more on the abuser’s strong opinions.

Don’t fall prey to just accepting what an opposing view is, just because it is strongly stated. Remember it’s easy to decide what you don’t like. Much harder to discover what is worth believing in.

I’ve heard reporters covering an important event then finding a dissenting opinion to meet their obligation to give other points of view. But the weight that the reporter puts on the dissenting opinion can sew seeds of doubt in those who can’t see the forest for the trees or don’t have their own opinions.

This doubt generates low trust which grows suspicion. We are so accustomed to hearing this scenario play out in the media that the truth in the matter is hard to discover.

I wish we had more reporting that is committed to pursuing what is true, what is wholesome and beneficial and then put an emphasis on that. We might find that we can start to trust the media again.