Emotional Buffer Zones

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Everyone has one. We emotionally fill that buffer zone up when we are unable to keep our emotional load in balance. One of the things that can happen when we go beyond a full buffer zone is a rapid descent into chaos, distress, exhaustion, and emotional troubles. This can lead to anxiety attacks, depression, etc.

Look at these three emotional places:

  1. Normal balanced range – where you are making decisions for change, living life from on top, handling life as it is.
  2. Buffer Zone – your life is stretched beyond what you want. You know you are in the zone where you know it’s more than you can handle for very long. You are going to make sure you will come back to a place of balance and stability. You can handle it maybe for a day, a week, or at most a month, but when you come to a point when you continue to lose traction and can’t get back to normal life, you are at risk of slipping past your buffer zone to the next level.
  3. Blowing the top off the buffer zone – This is where you slip into a rapid descent to emotional instability, and the resultant anxiety and depression such as panic attacks, loss of energy, bipolar/manic depression, etc.

After going though the buffer zone and beyond, you know it is a serious problem. In fact, in later life when you experience living in the emotional buffer zone again, since you’ve experienced going beyond it before, it’s easier to slip into the instability and angst again and again. For some, this becomes the pattern of their life.

One thing that’s important as you look at your life right now, if you have several major issues crossing your life at the same time that emotionally drains you, you are at risk of getting pushed into your buffer zone and beyond. You recognize it because you get overwhelmed and can’t live with that level of emotional overload for long.

To prevent you from going into the buffer zone and to continue to live in the balance of a healthy emotional state of mind, your life is usually characterized by making decisions, acting on those decisions, setting clear parameters for the goals you are going to hold to, and drawing lines in the sand with how much you can handle. It’s not as important on what you draw a line in the sand about but that at some point you draw a line in the sand…this far and no more.

When you go past the normal into the buffer zone, be determined that it will only be for a short time. The timing decisions being made inside you are important, ‘this can only go on so long and then I’m going to come back to the parameters/boundaries I’ve set before – I see clearer now that I’ve gone too far’. If you do this it will help prevent you from going past your buffer zone into the chaos beyond.

If you’ve been to the top and beyond, don’t allow that to become the new normal. It’s those people that end up suffering from long term anxiety and depression, emotional trauma and struggle. These people tend to allow themselves to be misused and abused in their relationships, those that give the control of their life over to someone else, living dependently on someone else and allowing others to define who they are.

Staying away from living at the top end or beyond your emotional buffer zone will keep you from experiencing a lot of chaos and emotional destruction in your life.

Take charge of your life. Decide what you want to do. Make the wise choices for your life and hold to it. Make your decisions that “this is my boundary. This is where I’m able to live, and move, and have my being, and act responsibly.” You will be a healthier person for it.